Flowing Emotions

Size: 2×3″
Stitches: Algerian Eyelet, Detached Chain, French Knot, Running
Materials: verigated silk floss, linen, ribbon
Status: Sold!

Flowing Emotion

This design was inspired by the TAST stitch of the week last week — the Algerian Eyelet. I started with the 1/2 eyelets in the corners and then the large on in the center. I did the accents in detached chain stitch, as it was a TAST stitch a couple of weeks ago that I missed. French knots are always good for a little fill accent. I loved playing with the subtle change in tone of the varigated floss with the flowing running stitch patterns, which I created organically as I went. The handle is a pretty piece of ribbon that had been on a gift I received.

I was feeling a bit sad when I worked on this, which is probably why I gravitated towards the watery colors.