Untitled: A Poem for Memorial Day

May 27, 13 Untitled: A Poem for Memorial Day

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New poem for memorial day using original structure I’ve been experimenting with.

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Shevat Altar: Escape the Bindweed!

Altars as art form — explore my Shevat altar with me.

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Portable Personal Altar

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while, and this is my first execution. It’s two 3″ hoops that have been put together with a tiny hinge to create a locket. In this case, it’s a personal portable altar for me. One side has the Kohenet symbol on it and the other side has my own personal totem/icon/symbol on it. It’s stitched on simple muslin.  I transferred the images with Sulky pen, and inked the word “Kohenet,” which is Hebrew on the left with my fountain pen after.  I really like the effect instead of stitching it this time.  On the right, the pomegranate was transferred with red Sulky pen, and I used that along with this nifty dimensional specialty floss to give it some nice shading.  In the center of the pomegranate is the letter Kuf, which I’ve written a hundred times — but kind of goofed up here.  Kuf is the first letter of my Hebrew name, Ketzirah, and is also symbolic of a needle — which is totally appropriate too.  It’s also means monkey, which I dig! Overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I learned a few things that I’ll be sure to improve on for the next...

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Keyhole Mezuzah

Jan 20, 11 Keyhole Mezuzah

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This design is based on a keyhole cover from 1855. There’s all kinds of symbolism in the color and design choices, but I’ll let you interpret this as you choose!

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WIP: Kippah Design

Sketch for a kippah design I’m working on.  I need to move the name over a bit so it sits just a little more nestled in the tree, but other than than I rather like it.  I’m not sure how it will look on someone’s head.  I still have to think about that. I’m wondering if the roots would go in the front (at forehead) or if the roots would be at the back of the head?  I guess I could leave that up to the...

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