Shevat Altar: Escape the Bindweed!

Altars as art form — explore my Shevat altar with me.

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Portable Personal Altar

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while, and this is my first execution. It’s two 3″ hoops that have been put together with a tiny hinge to create a locket. In this case, it’s a personal portable altar for me. One side has the Kohenet symbol on it and the other side has my own personal totem/icon/symbol on it. It’s stitched on simple muslin.  I transferred the images with Sulky pen, and inked the word “Kohenet,” which is Hebrew on the left with my fountain pen after.  I really like the effect instead of stitching it this time.  On the right, the pomegranate was transferred with red Sulky pen, and I used that along with this nifty dimensional specialty floss to give it some nice shading.  In the center of the pomegranate is the letter Kuf, which I’ve written a hundred times — but kind of goofed up here.  Kuf is the first letter of my Hebrew name, Ketzirah, and is also symbolic of a needle — which is totally appropriate too.  It’s also means monkey, which I dig! Overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I learned a few things that I’ll be sure to improve on for the next...

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Tammuz: Taking the Reins

Tammuz is the first month of summer, beginning just after the Summer Solstice. It is the month after Shavuot – the revelation. After the Exodus and the long trek through the desert, we’ve arrived at Sinai and received our revelation…so now what?

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Healing Herbs in Judaism

Apr 29, 09 Healing Herbs in Judaism

Posted by in Spiritual Practices

Knowing the symbolic nature of a food or its metaphysical properties can help you to draw the most out of these foods and use them for healing of body and spirit. Learn two from the Jewish perspective

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Iyyar: Healing and Growth

Iyyar is the month of introspection for self-improvement. It is a time to explore our relationship to ourselves and the world, and can be a time for deep spiritual healing.

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