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I’m often asked, “where should I start?” So here is a introductory self-study program, if you are looking to explore what it can mean to be a Jewitch, beyond the hashtags, this may be of assistance.

EbMJ 100s – Foundations of Earth-based Magickal Judaism

  • 101: Foundations
  • 102: Sabbath & the Daily/Weekly Cycle
  • 103: Jewish Magick
  • 104: Go(d)dess(s)(es) in Judaism

EbJM 200s:  Advanced Studies in Earth-based Magickal Judaism

  • 200:  Living in Jewish Time
  • 201:  Elements of Embodied Judaism
  • 202: Altars in Judaism
  • 203: Understanding Physical Jewish Practices
  • 204:  Traditional Sources
  • 205:  Modern Scholarship

Each “course” provides objects, required reading and assignments for self-study.

3 Replies to “Study & Learn”

  1. Thank you! (As my eyes well with tears!) I have been in limbo for years vacillating between Judaism and witchcraft thinking they are not compatible. However, I’ve known full well that my “religion” was once very earth-based, but I could not connect the dots. And here I find there are whole communities of – me! Literally crying with deepest happiness. You’ve clear a path for me and I will be eternally grateful.
    XOXO Elly

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