Water Libations

One of the lesser know rituals of Sukkot is the pouring of water libations to ensure good rains.  Needless to say, I dig this concept.  If you ever come to a Becoming ritual — you’ll notice that we libate.  Most people think that’s all Angela’s doing, and it is, but it rubbed off on me.  I love pouring out my thanks, prayers, and praise in a physical form!

Then I learn that there’s actually a Jewish use of libations.  Woot!

Sadly, I don’t have a sukkah and Sukkot is one of those holidays that I have yet to really develop a way to celebrate.  It’s a harvest holiday.  I’m an earth-based Jew — WTF?  How can I not have a celebration?  I spent the first day of Sukkot at DC Pagan Pride Day.  Not very Jewish, but it was a festival of booths — so it was oddly appropriate.  Plus, I spent a good deal of the time talking with Baba from the RadFeys, and he told me about his trip to Israel.  It was great, as always, to talk to him.  The next day we had Circle, which fell on the second day of Sukkot this year I thought I would do something, but Angela told me she had a working ready.  Drat.  No Jewy goodness.

Um…but my Pagan Pantheistic friend with a Celtic bent gave me a little surprise.  While she had no particular awareness it was Sukkot.  And she certainly had no idea that it was the second day and the traditional one for the pouring of the water libations.  I actually only learned that the second day was the traditional day that morning as I read the daily page from the Jewish Book of Days.  (shameless plug for R’ Jill’s book).

But, I digress.

Angela had a whole working for Circle around pouring water and breathing into it what we need to harvest.  Hello?  Anyone?  Weirdness.

It was freaking great!  I got to do my water libation and imbue it with my personal “rain” needs to get me through the winter.  I got to share the experience with my spiritual group and my best friend once again proved to me that Becoming is my spiritual home.

May this harvest bring you all you need to make it through the winter.

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  1. Angela /

    I love when synchronicities like that happen!