The Prophets’ Cup

The first ever Prophets' Cup!
Prophets Cup created by Agru Arts

One of the more unique elements of my haggadah is “The Prophets’ Cup.” When I was creating the haggadah, I knew that I didn’t just want to have an Elijah’s cup and I didn’t want to have two cups. I also didn’t want to slam the door in Elijah’s face in favor of Miriam or another prophetess. It also seemed like there might be a way to connect more with the idea of an offering or gift, which is what the cup is to Elijah.

I settled on the idea of having an empty cup which everyone can pour a blessing into; a libation, if you will. We start with Elijah out of respect for tradition, but then move to Miriam and Aharon and Moses — and then any prophet that speaks to people’s hearts. We’ve had blessings poured for everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mahatma Ghandi and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

The one problem I’ve always had was finding the right cup for this. I didn’t want to use an Elijah’s or Miriam’s cup and most have such narrow bowls that it was hard to pour into. My kiddush cup has the same narrow bowl, so it suffered from the same issue.

This year, thanks to Esty, I’ve been able to commission the first ever official Prophets’ Cup! EtsyChai member Agru Arts was kind enough to take on the task. I explained the whole idea to her and she sent me links to historial chalices that might work. One really got my attention, but it wasn’t quite right. It did get me interested in the “Bucchero” style, which lead me to another design.

After several discussions, we determined all the details and the price (quite reasonable, btw). Next thing I knew she was sending me pictures of my amazing Prophets’ Cup. If you are a fan of the Peeling a Pomegranate Haggadah, feel free to contact her and ask for your own Prophets’ Cup — or commission your own kiddush cup or Elijah/Miriam cup!

[update 4/11]
It came in the mail tonight. It’s perfect and wonderful. I’m very excited!


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  1. Really beautiful!!! I'd love to see it IRL. I may have to get off my butt and get my goblet-shaped incense burner commissioned.

  2. Wow!