Counting the Omer: Week of Tifereth

Tiphareth: Soul's Flight into Beauty
Tiferet, as envisioned by Angela Raincatcher

For a primer on the Omer see “Week One: Chesed.”  For the schedule of the Omer, see Chabad’s Omer Calendar.

The third week of the Omer focuses on Tifereth.  This sephira is usually interpreted as Beauty or Compassion. So that means we’ve moved from Chesed (Loving Kindness) to Gevurah (Strength) to Tifereth (Beauty/Compassion). Tifereth is seen as a balancing force to Chesed and Gevurah.

Once again we look at each of the other seven “lower” sephirot through the lense of this sephira.  We begin like every week, with Chesed (loving kindness).

What does Loving Kindness within Compassion mean in our lives and the world?  What happens when you change the meaning of Tifereth to Beauty or Truth instead of Compassion?

The third week, which explores Tifereth (Beauty/Compassion),  looks like this:

  1. Loving-kindness within Beauty/Compassion
  2. Strength within Beauty/Compassion
  3. Compassion (Beauty) within Beauty/Compassion
  4. Endurance within Beauty/Compassion
  5. Glory within Beauty/Compassion
  6. Connection Beauty/Compassion
  7. Majesty within Beauty/Compassion

The question to ask with each, is “What does this mean to me?”  Each day, explore what the idea of sephira within a sephir triggers for you.  How is Loving-Kindness (Chesed) within  Beauty/Compassion (Tiferet) different than  Beauty/Compassion within Loving-Kindness (Chesed)?  Keep a journal or just let the thoughts float to the surface.  Make your own artwork to express the ideas or use the works by Angela Raincatcher. Either way, take the moment to see what things brings up for you.

If you Count the Omer at night, then you might want to follow the tradition practices. has the full text in masculine and feminine Hebrew, transliterated, and in English.

Exploring Tifereth:

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