Counting the Omer: Week of Yesod

For a primer on the Omer see “Week One: Chesed.”  For the schedule of the Omer, see Chabad’s Omer Calendar.

Yesod, as envisioned by Angela Raincatcher />For a primer on the Omer see
Yesod, as envisioned by Angela Raincatcher

The sixth week of the Omer focuses on Yesod. This sephira is usually interpreted as Connection,  Foundation, or Bonding. So that means we’ve journeyed from Chesed (Loving Kindness) to Gevurah (Strength) to Tifereth (Beauty/Compassion) to Netzach (Endurance/Victory) to Hod, and now on to Yesod.

Yesod is a sephira of emotion and corresponds to the sexual organs.  According to, Yesod is the “bridge between the infinite potential of procreation that flows into it and its actual manifestation.”

Once again we look at each of the other seven “lower” sephirot through the lense of this sephira. We begin like every week, with Chesed (loving kindness).

What is your bridge between Loving Kindness and yourself?  What connections do you use to bridge the gaps between yourself and G!d(dess)?  What are the foundations of your life?  What are you attached to?  What shouldn’t you be attached to?  What bonds are you afraid of making but need to make?  What illusions are tricking you into thinking they are real connections?

The sixth week, which explores Yesod (Connection), looks like this:

  1. Loving-kindness within Connection
  2. Strength within Connection
  3. Compassion (Beauty) within Connection
  4. Endurance within Connection
  5. Glory within Connection
  6. Connection within Connection
  7. Majesty within Connection

Exploring Yesod: