Counting the Omer: Week of Malchut

For a primer on the Omer see “Week One: Chesed.” For the schedule of the Omer, see Chabad’s Omer Calendar.

Malchut, as envisioned by Angela Raincatcher />For a primer on the Omer see
Malchut, as envisioned by Angela Raincatcher

The seventh and final week of the Omer focuses on Malchuth. This sephira is usually interpreted as Sovereignty, Majesty, and Kingdom.  So that means we’re almost finished with our long journey from Chesed (Loving Kindness) to Gevurah (Strength) to Tifereth (Beauty/Compassion) to Netzach (Endurance/Victory) to Hod,  to Yesod (Connection), and finally ending in Malchut.

Malchut is the world.  It is manifestation.  It is Shekhinah. It is the seventh of the seven sephirot we’ve explored.  We finish this exploration in the month of Sivan, whose letter is Zayin, which has a numerical value of seven.  We have journeyed seven long weeks to reach Shavout.

We take our final look at each of the other seven “lower” sephirot through the lens of this sephira. We begin like every week, with Chesed (loving kindness).

Explore your kingdom within and without.   Connect to the Divine within.  Can you do this?  What images come to mind when you read the words: Majesty, Kingdom, and Sovereignty?  Are you the Ruler or the Ruled?

What has this journey meant?  Does it change the meaning of Shavuot for you?  What have you learned?  What have you experienced?  What do you bring into the world?

The seventh week, which explores Malchut (Majesty), looks like this:

  1. Loving-kindness within Majesty
  2. Strength within Majesty
  3. Compassion (Beauty) within Majesty
  4. Endurance within Majesty
  5. Glory within Majesty
  6. Connection within Majesty
  7. Majesty within Majesty

Exploring Malchut:

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