Sivan: The Power of Real Love

Journey from Iyyar to Sivan to Tammuz, illustrated by the Transparent Tarot
Journey from Iyyar to Sivan to Tammuz, illustrated by the Transparent Tarot

In Iyyar, the High Priest created a bridge between the Divine and the world for us to walk across.  Now in Sivan, we reach our destination.  We reach the holy mountain where we can connect with the Divine.  It is often said that Israel is the bride of G!d(dess).  This is the meaning of the Lovers card.  It is the connection between us and our highest selves.  Whether your highest self is experienced from within or through the relationship with your beshert.  Healthy relationships, relationships of true love bring out the best in us and help us to move and grow. This is what the real meaning of the sense “walking” is for the month.  It is the sense of movement and spiritual growth we can achieve through developing our personal connections to the Divine.

First we must understand our that connection before we can harness it (the Chariot) in Tammuz.  The Chariot is a card of great potential power, but it is also a card of wasted potential.  The journey of the cards tells us that this is the time to work on our relationship with G!d(dess) to walk across the bridge that has been created for us, so when the opportunity presents itself we will be ready to use the gifts provided.

In Sivan, listen to the still small voice within.  Listen to the birds. Listen to the fish.  Listen to the wind. Listen to the trees. Listen to all voices that G!d(dess) is using to speak to you and through you.

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