Rosh Chodesh Sivan / Shabbat Service

In case you missed Rosh Chodesh services at on Friday night, here’s the video. If you didn’t know, I’m leading monthly Rosh Chodesh services at every month! Come join me. You can attend in your pajamas through the wonder of cyberspace, the service is posted on the OneShul Prayer Service page. It’s live streaming video and during the service there is a live chat space (text, not video) so you can engage and interact with me and the other people who are attending.

If you have ideas for music to include for our Tamuz Rosh Chodesh , please feel free to let me know!

Oh, and I apologize in advance for the annoying ad that comes up at the beginning. It’s either ads or people donating a LOT more money to! Also, I noticed that the audio and visual were not synched well, and I was having SERIOUS audio issues — sorry about those really, really awkward moments!! I can’t believe people stuck around considering how I tortured them a couple of times.


BTW, don’t miss the additional Sivan resources below the video!

Sivan Resources: