Re-Dedicating the Temple

Once we had The Temple where we made sacrifices of precious blood and grain.
Now we we have temples where people pray, but few truly give offerings.

The darkness. The darkness. The darkness.

Doesn’t the light always return?

The light, it does return?

It does return.



The lights.   We light them.   The light returns.

We light the lights to remember. We light the lights to re-dedicate the temple or The Temple?

Where is The Temple?

Isn’t She everywhere? Is She the שכינה, the Presence? Isn’t the Presence everywhere and in everything.


Then I re-dedicate The Temple here.

נס גדול היה שם

Yes, but I am here —פה

I r e a c h to others who feel as I do.   And one becomes many.   I becomes we.   We together, reclaim our inheritance.

We re-dedicate the Earth, אדמה, as Temple.
We pour offerings of sweat, not blood.
We pour offerings of grain and oil.
We pour offerings of praise and care.
We care for our Temple,
Our Holy of Holies,
Through every action we take.

We light the lights…

And it begins again

[originally published December 14, 2006]

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