Hanukkah / Jewish Winter Solstice Seder

A fully formatted, printer-ready PDF format of the Hanukkah seder is available for just $5 in my Etsy Shop.   Purchases support my work both financially and spiritually, by letting me know you appreciate and are using the work.


  • Elements:  Water (have) Fire (need)
  • Themes: Re/Dedication, Heroes/Heroines, Light in the Darkness, Power of the Individual, Things that are Hidden
  • What’s Hidden:  Things under the water, Jews in the Greek Empire and Pure Vial of Oil, The laws of nature and the sun, Judith’s motives in camp of Holfernes
  • Four Stories:  Leviathan, Maccabees, Adam at Solstice, Judith
  • Four Courses: Soup/Fish, Olives, Root Vegetables, Cheese

This seder is intended for the eighth night of Hanukkah, as all eigth candles are light during the seder (but I think you could also do it on the first night).  It’s also a great way to celebrate the Winter Solstice (Tefukat Tevet) in a Jewish way, whether it falls during Hanukkah or not!

Unlike Passover, there is no break for a meal in this seder.  After each section, a dish is served which corresponds directly to what has just happened.  There are also food blessings before most courses.  If you are traditionally observant, please feel free to modify the food blessings to follow your own practice.  Wine is not called out here specifically, but it would be perfectly appropriate to include wine with each course.

Another change from the format of a Passover seder is that there is no specification as to who should read what parts.  I leave that to you to decide.  You can designate certain parts for a leader or just go around the table having each person read a section.

I hope you enjoy Hanukkah/Solstice seder.  Please feel free to leave comments and share your experience with it.



  1. avulpineheart /

    simply wonderful. i'll modifying for my own solitary use. i absolutely love it.

    glad to see you on twitter, too.

  2. Lovely! The BF and I have a desire to establish some new traditions for each holiday we celebrate together- I'm really looking forward to using this. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Yeah! I hope you'll both share your experiences!

    @avulpineheart I'd love to see what a solitary version looks like

    @marcelle definitely would like to hear what works and what doesn't, as this will be its maiden voyage this year.

  4. Hi all. Interesting idea, though I'm not sure Louis Ginzberg was in the Chicago 8.

    Take care, Dave.

  5. Dave, not sure I get the Louis Ginzberg reference. I did see the article in the Post you linked to. I live in DC, and thought your big musical seder sounded like a great deal of fun.


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