5768 Passover Menu

After more thought and menu planning, I’ve finally settled on a menu for Passover this year. While the idea I came upon during my last post on this subject was in my mind, I actually went in a slightly different direction when planning the final menu.

Below you’ll find my final menu with links to either the recipe, if I found it online, or the book it can be found in. I’ve opted once again for a vegetarian menu for Passover, but I think a lamb dish would go beautifully if someone really wanted to include a meat dish. The dishes I’ve made before are the Sephardic-style Charoset, Bitter Herb Salad, Tofu Marsala, and Tiramatzah.

And just for fun here’s my Passover adaptation of a MS Word menu card template (doc). Feel free to use it for your dinner.

5768 Passover Menu

~ Charoset Sampler ~
Date & Fig Sephardic-style
Fig & Port Wine



~ Bitter Herb Salad* ~
with lapsang souchong eggs and
oil & vinegar dressing


~ Tofu Marsala ~

~ Cauliflower Leek Kugel ~
with Almond Crust


~ Tiramatzah ~

~ Matzah Baklavah ~


Coffee, Tea, Wines, Sparkling Water


I’m not great at the wine pairing thing, so if you have any suggestions — it would be much appreciated.

* There’s no recipe for the bitter herb salad, just a lovely salad made from bitter herbs.

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11 Replies to “5768 Passover Menu”

  1. OK so I see my favorite tea mentioned in an unfamiliar context, care to enlighten me?

    "with lapsang souchong eggs and
    oil & vinegar dressing"

  2. Oh — we're going to hard boil the eggs in the tea to give them a smokey flavor and serve them in slices on the salad. Adagio Tea got me into cooking with tea because of their TeaChef site.

  3. I hadn't thought of that, the tea permeates the shell?
    I just finished eating the Brussels Sprouts Casserole from Joy of Our Seasons, it's yummy.

  4. Nice to meet you, Amy! I saw on twitter you are making the matzah baklavah too. I can't wait to see how it turns out. The tiramatzah was such a find last year I have really high expectations.

  5. Ok…with mouth watering I say, "when's supper?" You gotta admit, I'd make a really good Jew. I can totally do Pesach!

    I love the Prophet's Cup. Took a long look at Miriam last term.

    It was great seeing you. Thanks for the restives, I am doing much better, though now my allergies are off the charts. Thanks to Drixoral, I'm really good and high.


  6. Here's an update on how the meal went.

    Overall — quite successful.

    I totally messed up the Apricot-pistachio charoset. I thought I knew better than to experiment when using unfamiliar ingredients. Apparently, I don't. I added more saffron than the recipe called for and that was a HUGE mistake. It was so bad, I couldn't bring myself to serve it.

    The rest of the meal was very good, and got good reviews from my guests.

    I didn't really like the Baklavah and I think the Tiramaztah needed to sit over night to be totally amazing, but the Tiramatzah was definitely tasty! I'll see if the baklavah improves after an over-night sit.

    Oh — and here's more detail on the Lapsang eggs. Boiling them in the tea had little flavoring effect and just colored them, so we opted to hard boil the eggs and then I shelled them and soaked them in the tea for about 45 minutes to an hour. It turned them a nice brown and gave them a fabulous smokey flavor. The guests really liked them.

    A few pictures are on Flickr.

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