Visions of the Divine

I’ve always struggled with the apparent conflict between my monotheism and the pantheons of other paths. The main struggle was how these entities fit into the structure. Are they just eminations of Ein Sof? Are they distinct and unrelated? Are they hallucinations or “false gods?”

The “false gods” model never really worked at all.

I’m definitely a panentheist at heart — I believe everything is connected. A wise woman once explained it to me using a metaphor relating it to the ocean and drops of water.

I’ve never experienced Ein Sof/Elohim/Insert Name Here as anything more than the great connecting force. I don’t see it as anything that can be even remotely understood on a human level.

Pretty much every form of Judaism and the Torah recognizes a variety of “heavenly hosts” — generally seen as Angels.

That’s how I’ve begun to steadily view the other pantheons. As akin to the highest level of Angels. It’s not meant to diminish them in any way. The direct contact between the Jews and God has been primarily through angelic intervention — much like the gods and other tribes. They are all connected to Ein Sof — but function freely and independently. This is how a self-described monotheist can still have a relationship with a Lithuanian Bee Goddess. I don’t worship her — just have a healthy respect.

I tie all of this back to the story of the Tower of Babel. Just giving us all unique languages would not keep humanity from trying that again. Giving us all a different understand of the Divine and different messengers and contacts — well — I think history shows us how effective that has been in keeping humanity from coming completely together.