Shevat Altar: Escape the Bindweed!

Shevat Altar

Shevat Altar with my Message How to Escape the Bindweed showing

I drew the “Bindweed” card from the Gaian Tarot for the month of Shevat. This is one of favorite and most dreaded cards. I love this card because it is so incredibly evocative. I dread this card because the message isn’t pretty. I knew I didn’t want to stare at that card all month on my altar, so I asked for guidance about how to not get trapped I the bindweed.

This version of the altar shows the Three of Fire, which was the card I received in response to my request for additional guidance. The Bindweed card us tucked behind the Three of Fire.

The moon and candle image are consistently on my altar, as is the vessel in the center. Beginning this year, I have begun to use this space as my monthly (Jewish calendar) focal point with a card and an offering that aligns with the card. This offering is what is on the left.

This month the offering is a piece of a plant from my garden that is as close to bindweed as I can find. There are sticks of incense helping to hold it in place, as well as pool of salt. I wanted to create the flames from the Three of Fire showing how this overcomes the stagnation and trapped feelings of The Bindweed card. Those are created out of wool roving.

So, how about you?  Do you use a shrine or personal altar as part of your practice?  Head over to the community on Facebook and share a picture!

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  1. Shalom Ketzirah! I love your altar. Most recently I created a family altar for Tu b'Shevat. I just recently started using an altar. I was contemplating since I am at my desk both at work and at home, that I should have personal altars there considering I am there most of the day and night. I like using an altar because it is a collect expression of one's individual consciousness. Another reason, for those who meditate or chant, it's a place where you can focus your own personal energy and meet with the Divine universal energy that is all around. I am contemplating building an altar outdoors. Be Blessed!