Pesach Menu Resources

[This post originally appeared in 2010, and has been updated in 2013]

Planning a Passover seder meal is a big deal for me.  It is such a huge part of the overall experience that I think it needs careful consideration.  The traditional Ashkenazic menu of brisket and tzimmes are lovely — but not the only option.

For me there are additional considerations like:

  • What is local and in season?
  • What foods spiritually align with my kavannah for the seder?
  • What foods will inspire a sense of wonder with the seder participants?
  • What foods will create a delicious, cohesive menu?

Over the years, I’ve created some menus I’m pretty proud of and decided that I should compile them all together along with some of my favorite sources for new ideas.   It’s important to know that my menus are not traditionally kosher in most cases and I tend to follow the Sephardic guidelines for kosher for Passover.  I hope these help you to create your own amazing menu for your Passover seder.

Ketzirah’s Recent Passover Menus:

Past Posts on Menu Planning:

External Menu Planning Resources:

What are some of your favorites for Passover?