My Altar

I realized that I’ve never shared a photo of my altar, and since I recently found what I think is just a great addition — I thought I’d take a picture.

Spring Altar

The new addition is the Jewish Wheel of the Year plaque. I was just blown away when I saw it. It’s shockingly heavy, too.

The item on the left is an antique candy dish that was a gift from my great aunt, and has been in the family for years. In it are the two stones we used the first week of Kohenet (my Urim & Thummim, if you will). On the stones is a necklace I call the “Magen D’vorah.” It looks a lot like a stylized version of the Kohenet symbol, which is a stylized Magen David. I also have some cinnamon stick and a couple of other items that have meaning for me.

The tree of life item in the center I actually purchased on my honeymoon, so it’s doubly symbolic for me. I keep the amphora on the top filled with sweet orange oil and the replica oil lamp filled with cinnamon oil. The lamp is a replica of an ancient Jerusalem oil lamp, and was a gift from a friend.

The bowl on the right is used as an offering bowl. The offerings are burnt or buried each Rosh Chodesh. The bowl was made by my sister when she, briefly, was playing with making pottery. I faked in the flowers because it was empty when I took the picture. But — now it’s filled with daffodils, peach tree blossoms, and cherry blossoms.



  1. Thats so beautiful, I really love your tree of life. I'm still unpacking but will be moving on to altar space soon. Please send me some good vibe on that journey!

  2. Yeilah Leah /

    Your altar is gorgeous. I love simplicity!

  3. Shmualaw /

    Nu – soooo beautiful – WHERE did you get the Jewish Wheel? Or did you have it made? I so often end up wearing my Jewish Star and Pentacle, Besom, or Goddess figurine together – it would be nice to find a source where these kinds of items are combined.

    Blessings for Spring!

  4. Anonymous /

    Thanks all!

    Shmualaw (that's a new name for you!) I found it in an online shop and was totally stunned by it. I'll email you where I found it.

    I've see a few "Jewitch Stars" that combine pentagrams and hexagrams. I'll see if I can track down any of those too. You could also try getting something custom from one of the artisans on It's a great source for reasonably affordable custom jewelry!

  5. Lilah Tzipporah /

    Hi! I really like your altar. I especially like the Jewish wheel of the year plaque. Could you let me know the website from which you ordered it?
    Thank you so much.
    Lilah Tzipporah

  6. Lilah Tzipporah — I got the plaque from a couple of years ago. I did see it recently at a local metaphysical shop, though. They must still be making them.

    Pleasure to meet you. I have a good friend who is Tzipporah Lilah!

  7. Glenda /

    Where did you get the tree of life item?


    • I got that on my honeymoon, actually! It was at a little shop in St. Augustine, FL. Unfortunately, that's about all I can tell you! There's no brand markings or anything like that on it.


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