Memorial Day 2008

Saturday night I lead a silent vigil walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the George Mason Memorial. Our small group joined pilgrims from all over the country and world who were in Washington, DC to remember the fallen. The vigil held the silence as we walked from memorial to memorial. We would come together and remove our silent bubble and share our thoughts before entering our silent temple to continue the walk. We honored those who died in our name, even if we disagreed with the war they are fighting.

Our Route:

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Below are the readings I prepared to read at each memorial. Two of the readings are poems I wrote after the last Memorial Day vigil and the rest are the words of Octavia Butler from her book “The Parable of the Talents.”

Setting our intent before beginning our walk:

All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes You.

The only lasting truth
Is Change.

is Change.

by Octavia Butler

Read after viewing the Lincoln Memorial:

Read the words child, just read the words
It matters not why — just read the words
You say a word is misspelled?
Which one? Where?
Never mind – keep reading — maybe you’ll find it.
Wait what’s it saying about slavery and war?
Just keep reading and you’ll discover much more.
Read the words, child
Please — just read

by Ketzirah (Carly Lesser)
I wrote this after the 2007 Memorial Day Vigil after watching a group of teenagers actually read Lincoln’s second inaugural address because one of them said there was a typo in it.

Read after the Korean War Memorial

The ghosts of Korea rise in the night
Scared young boys haunt my sight
Through them walk the living hushed into silence
Flash bulbs pop
Tears are dropped
As the ghosts of Korea rise in the night

by Ketzirah (Carly Lesser)
I wrote this after the 2007 Memorial Day Vigil

Read after walking through the FDR Memorial

To survive
Let the past
Teach you–
Past customs,
Leaders and Thinkers.
Help you.
Let them inspire you,
Warn you,
Give you strength,
But beware:
God is Change.
Past is Past.
What was
Come again.

To survive,
Know the past.
Let it touch you.
Then let
The past

by Octavia Butler

Read at the end of the vigil:

Gives shape to the light
As light
Shapes the darkness.
Gives shape to life
As life
Shapes death.
The universe
And God
Share this wholeness,
Each defining
The other.
Gives shape to the universe
As the universe
Shapes God.

by Octavia Butler

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