Kislev, Re-dedication, and Tzitzit

As Kislev approaches my mind once again turns to the corners of my Tallitot — which are vacant of Tzitzit.  I have had an amazing emotional block around tying Tzitzit to my daily tallit and my ceremonial one.  Tzitzit are hugely important to me.  As a spiritual practice they not only make sense to me at a primal level, but also as a “magickal” tool via the tying of knots — and it’s a direct mitzvah from the Torah.

Kippot as Artwork by Eran Shakine, displayed by the Twig Gallery at Art Brussels
Kippot as Artwork by Eran Shakine, displayed by the Twig Gallery at Art Brussels

Several years ago, I decided I wanted each corner of my tallit to have a tzitzit tied in a different style, to represent my commitment to pluralism and to bring in the tribes from four corners of the earth. I researched all the many different ways to tie tzitzit (White: Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad, Yemenite,or Techelet: Rambam, Gra, Raavad, Chinuch or Arizal) and what groups they represent.  I also was looking at how to align each of these to an element (air, earth, fire, water).  For some reason, I’ve had this incredible emotional block around actually manifesting this! I am hoping that this is the year I find my way through the emotional block at Hanukkah and am able to finally tie my tzitzit!

I’ve never gravitated towards wearing a kippah as part of a daily spiritual practice.  When I am facilitating rituals, I do wear a kippah.  It helps to remind me of the role I am in, and I also feel like it helps create a container for my personal energy.  In Jewish tradition, the top of the head is a major energy point — the Keter or Crown, which we also see in other traditions like the Hindu Chakra system.

The topic of Kippah and Tzitzit and our relationship with them is the focus for the next round of Guest Voices at  Over the month of Kislev, special guests will be sharing their Kippah and Tzitzit stories.  If you’d like to share yours you can comment on any of the posts or contact me to become a Guest Voices contributor!

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  1. Am I right in guessing that one of your tzitzit tying research sources was my blog or webstore (both of which are called Ben's Tallit Shop)? I spend several hours a week tying tzitzit and overseeing tzitzit tying, and I have nine or ten tzitzit tying customs in my repertoire, so feel free to fire questions my way. I don't know much about the underlying meanings of the various customs, but I certainly know the practical side.

    1. Ben

      You are correct! You were definitely a resource. I’m pretty sure that I included links to your website. Appreciate the offer to contact you directly with questions!


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