Dream Decree: 2012

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t lead a Rosh Hashanah service.  Because of that — I didn’t name my 5772 year formally.  So, I’m taking advantage of this beautiful energy of the secular New Year and doing it now for the rest of 5772.

Dream Decree

My word for the year is “BLOSSOM,” and I’m choosing the humble, yet beautiful and tenacious, dandelion to represent it. At first I thought, “I need some luscious flower with voluminous folds of petals.”  But that’s totally wrong. I want to be a pretty, tenacious, wild and free dandelion!  Some people may overlook me, but there’s no holding me back.

Dandelions dig deep roots so they can fly away free.

Here’s what I’m putting out into the world so I can blossom even in the most unlikely of places:

  1. I will reach for the nourishment where ever it may be found.
  2. I will spread my reach beyond my own little patch of grass.
  3. I will not be afraid to fly away and seed new places.

Spiritual Plans

Using one of my own tools, the foundations of a Sustainable Spiritual Practice, here’s more of my dream for the rest of 5772. This focuses on areas of my own spiritual practice or work.  The idea is to develop a balanced spiritual plan or agenda for the year. (Virgo — need structure!)

Fire = Personal Spiritual Connection to Divine

  • Explore and play with the connections between myth and ritual action

Air =  Community

  • Imagine and begin planning of a Peeling a Pomegranate community of G!d/dess Wrestlers and continue my work with Becoming.

Water: Creativity

  • Play more with others and collaborate on spirit filled artistic projects

Earth: Resources

  • Utilize my inside altars more effectively and tend to the outside altar more

Hard to say if these line up quite right.  My earth goal could easily be more of a water goal, but I’m not too worried about that. The idea is just know where I think these aspect of my spiritual practice are so I feel my work during the year is guided and not just a big jumble.    The next step is to look at the optimal times of year to work on certain spiritual practices, or have them be the primary focus, and see how to align them.  It doesn’t mean that I have to align with this, just that mostly likely, that’s what my body will want at that time.  It also gives me a way to check in with myself if I find that I’m straining to do something.  It may be that I should move it to the background until the season for its focus.

So how about you?  What is your 2012 or 5772 all about?  What are your dreams?  Where are you spiritually?  What’s your plan for a sustainable spiritual practice?

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  1. Thank you for pointing me to this via twitter. I read it when your original posted it but I needed to see it again this morning.

    I am not a Virgo (Sag, Scorpio Rising, Taurus moon) but a lack of structure had me feeling a bit overwhelmed by amazing and wonderful things happening in my life. Your post shed just the beam of light that I needed to pay attention to that fact. Thank you.

    PS I had forgotten the dandelion photo associated with the post.