Becoming a Celebrant

I had my ordination presentation today with my local spiritual group, Becoming.  While going through the Kohenet training, I’ve also been on the ordination track with this group too.  I look at it as local and national level ordination.  I was amazingly nervous about the presentation, but I guess that’s good.  It tells me how seriously I take this.

The training track is 3-years of study and service.  I submitted my application for ordination in May.  That was more like a paper outlining my credentials per Becoming’s requirements.  The presentation was more free form.  I had to present myself to the membership.  One major element I was asked to include was the difference between my personal practice of Earth-based Magickal Judaism and Becoming.  Becoming isn’t a Jewish group.  there are Jews in it, but the group itself isn’t. All went well and the membership approved my ordination.  The ceremony will be in February at our regular monthly Circle of Connection.  Oooh and I got presents!  That was very unexpected.

Here is the presentation I gave.  It’s missing the voiceovers, but I think you can get the drift.

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  1. Lehota Ma'ayan /

    MOZEL TOV and Simman Tov
    Good for you, and
    Whoo Hoo!

  2. "One major element I was asked to include was the difference between my personal practice of Earth-based Magickal Judaism and Becoming."

    I think that's going to become a question asked of any future Celebrants-in-training. It's important to explore the interconnections and boundaries between the personal practices and the service to the overall group.

    BTW, you did swell! Several folks were like, why are we doing this by ballot and not just general acclamation?

  3. Flaneuse in DC /

    Oh, congratulations!! (We met briefly at the Rosh Hashanah ritual). I almost came to the Monthly Circle yesterday, but ended up with too many holidayp-related commitments. Hope to see you again in the coming year.


  4. Carol Esther /

    Dear Ketzirah Carly,

    Congratulations. This is a wonderful presentation. Thank you for sharing it with us. One of these days I'm going to take a journey and visit Becoming. Brightest Blessings to you! Carol Esther

  5. Nicole (Cha-Cha) /


    Congratulations and bright blessings. Your presentation was wonderful. It was an honor to witness the beginning of your next journey.

  6. Yeilah Leah /

    Mazel tov Ketzirah!

  7. Congratulations and good luck with your work in the future!

  8. Zion Mystic /

    good presentation!
    btw, I love the Gaian Tarot…or what there is so far of it! (I'm sure the last four cards will be excellent as well.)


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