Great Jewish Women

Great Jewish Women

From the Matriarchs to Golda Meir — we’ve got some rockin’ female role models! There’s a mis-impression that Judaism is extremely male dominated. I disagree. I think the interpretations are male dominated.

Here are some great books to re-aquaint yourself with the great women of the tribe.

All the Women Followed Her: I loved this book. It’s a phenomenal look at Miriam the prophetess.

Sisters at Sinai: I haven’t read this one yet, but it’s been recommended by others. Here’s a quote from the product description that should tell you why this one is one my list.

“Readers will discover Lilith — not as the night demon alluded to in Isaiah, but as another aspect of Eve herself. Sarah is a moon priestess and as great a prophet as Abraham. Miriam is not merely a figure of song and dance, but also one of revelation, a source of Torah.”

The Red Tent This one is actually fiction, but it’s a great way to explore the world of the Matriarchs. But please remember it’s fiction!

Shekinah: It may really surprise you to find that this extraordinary coffee table book is by Leonard Nimoy. Yes, that Leonard Nimoy. My mother bought this for me for my birthday this year. It’s quite extraordinary. If you have issues with any representations of Deity, this may not be for you.

Yentel’s Revenge: Another favorite of mine! A great book of modern, Jewish Feminist thought. It’s a great read.

Just to show you how much more is out there here are some search results I’ve looked at. If you read them, be sure to share your recommendations!
Sarah the Matriarch
Rachel the Matriarch