What is a Priestess?

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There’s a new website called Wordle that creates these “word clouds” for you from text you give it or directly from a blog.  People are doing all kinds of nifty things with it.  One of the “wordles” that I created was using my answer to “What is a Priestess,” which I wrote during my first Kohenet training two and half years ago.

Check out the rest of these visualizations I’ve created at Wordle. The one titled “Offerings” is another favorite.  It’s from something I wrote for  Hanukkah a couple — specifically the last paragraph.  I also really like the visualization called Kaddish, which is from the Kaddish I wrote in 2006.

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  1. Oh that's dangerous!

  2. Zion Mystic /

    funny–just last night i found Wordle myself and one of the word clouds i had it make was of this blog!

  3. Cat — what's dangerous?

    ZM — awww.. thanks! I had it do word clouds of my friend Rev. Chris's blog and mine too, of course.

  4. New toy for sacred text "clouds".

  5. you are a total Wordle junky now, my friend!

    lovin' it!

  6. That's nice!
    made me try one myself: http://wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/71966/%D7%A9%D7%99
    (it's Shir HaShirim in Hebrew)

  7. Dotan, it never occurred to me that it would take Hebrew! That's very cool. Did you do the whole thing, or just a specific chapter? I recognize שאהבה נפשי and a few other words right off, but I'd love to look at in context.