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Kohenet is now accepting applications for the second cohort.  [update 2012 – actually, it’s now up to the fourth cohort, but I think everything else still holds true.]

I’m not sure what else to say about it. I can’t wait to see who my newest sisters will be. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would tell someone considering Kohenet. What would I actually tell them? I’ve finally figured it out, so here it goes.

Apologies for the rambling madness…


So, you’re considering applying to Kohenet? That’s great! What was it like, you ask?

Well, it’s a process of personal transformation. That’s the one thing I didn’t realize going in. The first two years, at least for my cohort were really a process or a personal crucible. I came out stronger than I went in. Figuring who you are as a priestess — that’s hard and scary work. Hell, figuring out what it means to be a priestess in a Jewish tradition is hard. I’m so blessed that we had the teachers we had. So many amazing woman, and one man, sharing their knowledge with us. It was a gift beyond measure.

The Kohenet “theology” or methodology is of the Netivot. Exploring God through a feminine lens and discovering where the hidden elements of this are in the scripture. It’s amazing how real this becomes as time moves on and how natural it becomes to your thought process. Shekhina is just an idea for me any more. She’s real. I feel her and do my best to bring her into the world so others can see her.

What else. Well, my sisters are the most extraordinary group of women. I feel like I am truly part of a sisterhood. I feel strongly bonded to these women and admire them for all they are. We are so incredibly different. That’s a really amazing thing — the level of diversity. Learning from them and with them was both blessing and challenge. Being open to someone else’s perspective — truly open — is challenging and sometimes infuriating. Making space for someone so different from yourself and not “accepting them” but rather really reveling in their differentness and knowing that your world would be diminished without their presence; that’s the trick.

I urge you, if you’ve been thinking about Kohenet to explore it further. Talk to K’Holly and RK’Jill.   Talk to me. Talk to any of us who went through the first cohort.

To paraphrase T. Thorn Coyle. “Of course it’s scary work. Changing ourselves is always dangerous.”


I think that was crazy and rambling, but I hope my sincerity comes through. Kohenet has transformed my life for the better. I’m excited to continue my training and begin helping to bring the idea of Kohenet out into the world.


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  1. Not as rambling as you might think, not at all really. I loved the book recommendations popping up on my right as I read through, and the links to the Kohenet site throughout. I too can't wait to see who our new sisters are, and who we become together. It is really wonderful that there is extended training offered – a second class for those who complete the first – the richness of the program is hard to let go of.

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