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Ask: Response to an Orthodox Woman

I got an email from a woman who identified herself as Orthodox. When I sent a response, the email bounced back as invalid. As she use the contact form on my website, it means she most likely typed her address in wrong. I wouldn’t normally post this response publicly, but as there is nothing to identify her I don’t feel like I’m violating her privacy. Plus, this is the only way I can respond to her now.

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Tishrei: Talking to the Dead

Let’s talk about one of the lesser know and fascinating rituals of Sukkot: the Ushpizin.

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Juicy Delicious Judaism – A Rosh Hashanah Drash

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Rosh Hashanah services of Olney Kehilah this year. Below is the text of the “drash” I gave.

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Chant: Ululate in Praise

I’ve been on a burst of creativity the past 10 days or so! Another chant. This time based on a bracha from the Kohenet Siddur. The beat, I’m pretty sure was inspired by hearing Samba Elegua play at my Kohenet sister, Annie Matan Gilbert, wedding!

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Psalm 27 Chant

A chant of Psalm 27, created by Ketzirah, to add to your Elul practice.

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Elul – Preparing for The Days of Awe

New post over at PunkTorah.org — Elul is a month of preparation. It’s a month to continue healing from Av, but mostly it’s about preparing for the Yamim Noraim (ים נוראים‎) – The Days of Awe.

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Cattle – the Symbol of Elul

Elul is a month of preparation for Rosh Hashanah — at least in modern Judaism. It’s interesting then, that the first of Elul is the “New Year of Cattle.” In ancient Israel it’s the time when the cattle were counted and tithed.

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Ask: Reincarnation?

Jul 20, 12 Ask: Reincarnation?

Posted by in Spiritual Practices

The Jewish concept of reincarnation is called “gilgul (גִּלְגּוּל),” “transmigration of souls” or “metempsychosis.” Like many things in Judaism there differing opinions about this.

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Av: Lamentations & Celebrations

Av is one of the most challenging months on the Jewish calendar. Either, because you are truly mourning the destruction of the Temple — or because you just can’t relate to this. In the past I’ve proposed a third way, one that reflects on what was lost (the Temple) and rejoices in what was found (modern Judaism via the Diaspora). Av is the month to deal with all the bad and good that has made us who we are as a people and that is not always fun.

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Eyes, Symbol of Tammuz

Tammuz is another one of those months with no holidays, except for a minor fast, and no real practices associated with it. Tammuz is a month that challenges us to really see what’s in front of us and focus. If vision is the theme, then eyes are the symbol.

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