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Carly in the Fairy Lights (c 2000)

Carly in the Fairy Lights (c 2000)

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Let the season of giving begin.  As the light grows dimmer and the nights grow colder, we find so many ways to push back against it.  I think this is a huge part of where the impulse to give gifts this time of year comes from.  We need things to remind us that spring will return.  Sharing our resources and being reminded that others care about us and support us is one way to help the light within burn brightly.

With that in mind, I’m going to be giving away a lot of goodies during the month of Kislev.   I’m going to use the subscriber list for the Peeling a Pomegranate newsletter as the list to pull names from.  For some of the giveaways I’ll offer additional opportunities to have your name added to the list by leaving comments on posts here at or on the Facebook Page.  I’ll post the giveaways here on the website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Subscribe to the newsletter and you are automatically entered into all drawings. There will be other fun ways to increase your chances too, so stay tuned!


12/4/2011: The first giveaway will be a copy of Matisyahu’s new EP “Miracle.”  It’s fabulous and I want to share it!   To qualify for this one, you have to be a subscriber to the Peeling a Pomegranate newsletter before 9am tomorrow morning.  I’ll pull the name then (12/5)!

12/7:  Hamsa Amulet Keychains!  Today’s giveaway is a Hamsa amulet key chain based on an original hamsa design I created.  Three people will receive key chains in this drawing. So, you qualify if you are a subscriber to the newsletter, a comment on Facebook or leave a comment below that mentions the Hamsa keychain.  Any or all of the above must be done by midnight on 12/7.  I’ll draw the name on 12/8.  (yes, if you are on all three lists your name goes in the hat three times).

 12/11: How about a copy of Holly Taya Shere’s amazing new album Halleluyah All Night — signed by the artist?  C’mon.  That’s pretty awesome.  To newsletter subscribers only – subscribe and get on the list.

12/14:  People seemed to be pretty excited about  a signed copy of Holly Taya Shere’s amazing new album Halleluyah All Night .  How about another one?   This will go to a Newsletter subscriber .

12/18:I have one, just one, Colors of Life Mandala reproduction to give away.   This one is for newsletter subscribers too – subscribe and get on the list.

12/21:  Hamsa Amulet Pins!  Today’s giveaway is a Hamsa amulet pin based on an original hamsa design I created.  Three Newsletter subscribers will receive buttons in this drawing.

12/25:  Yeah, it’s the day we all go to movies and eat Chinese food!  No….oh, okay –there’s this other big holiday going on today where I hear people get presents.  So who wants one? How about a healing amulet (segulah)? This design is a replica of an original amulet I made for a friend, who has now recovered from breast cancer.  The back is blank, so you can write your own blessing or prayer of healing with a Sharpie or other marker. Or I can write something if you like before I send it.  Your choice.

12/28:  Almost done with our Season of Giving.  Today’s drawing is for 5 printed copies of the Peeling a Pomegranate Haggadah!  These will be from my own personal collection, and most likely include aspects that have not made it out to the public yet.  Each year I do personal updates, and then every few years release a new edition to the world.   This will go to a Newsletter subscriber and there may be an extra chance to add your name to the drawing on Facebook, so stay tuned there.

12/31:    To close out our Season of Giving, I thought I would go big. Today’s drawing is for a custom personal ritual developed for you by little ol’ me – Keztirah!  This will go to a Newsletter subscriber and….watch Facebook and Twitter for additional chances to get this one.


  1. Hamsa Keychain. Ketzirah this is a genious idea it it the season for lighting up others lives with gifts!

  2. Aron Gamman /

    I would, but I already won something this month!

  3. Carol Esther /

    I would love to win it! Thank you,
    Carol Esther

  4. I would LOVE the amulet!!! So excited to have found your site!!

  5. OH! The Amulet is beautiful….I would love to win that…Happy Hannukah, Ketzirah!

    Glenda (Glinda)