Sacred Insect Repellent

I just received my official welcome email and the agenda for the first retreat. It’s monumentally overwhelming on so many levels! I’m completely excited and completely terrified. The fact that I’m going to be having class sessions with Rabbi Lynn Gotleib is enough to make it worth it. Add R’Jill and Holly and all the rest — yikes!

In reading the email there was a lovely moment of humor that I must share. R’Jill included a list of things that we should bring. Most are class related and spiritual. I don’t think the email is intended for publication, but the order of a few just made me laugh and I don’t see any harm in sharing this.

This came at the end of a long list of spiritual/ritual things to bring:

A sacred name you want to be known by

One or two “priestess” outfits that feel special to you

Insect repellent

I have long learned the importance of bug repellent in ritual. Anyone who came to Becoming’s full moon rituals at the Jefferson Memorial a few years ago learned that lesson. We went from using nice eco-friendly stuff to practically dousing if full DEET. We’d look up to the moon to just see a cloud of blood-thirsty mosquitos above us. It’s pretty terrifying!

I’m so excited about Kohenet beginning. My goal is to not embarrass myself to badly! I’m so nervous and star-struck right now that I’m not sure I could form full sentences.

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  1. I'm excited for you! I hope you have a great time, and yes…don't forget the buig spray! : )

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