25th of Elul – Beginnings

My year of manifesting spirit is over. Last year the nine of fire card (Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot, by Poppy Palin) jumped from deck and became the driving symbol of my year. On Yom Kippur last year, I painted over a life mask of my face and turned it into the nine of fire personified. This year has truly been one of finding my spiritual path and manifesting the tools to further it. From finding the path of the storyteller, to reclaiming my voice through embroidery, and of course — Kohenet. Today I learned in the Jewish Book of Days that the 25th of Elul, which is today, was the day the dove returned to Noah with the olive branch and the anniversary of the first day of Creation. Today was the anniversary of light being separated from darkness. The day of new beginnings. That was an amazing revelation and really opened something for me. Then — I pulled the 10 of fire this morning. The end of the fire cycle. I was pretty stunned. I know in my heart that this coming year is a year of manifesting earth. Now that my spiritual house is in order and moving forward, it’s time to bring the next pieces of the puzzle to the forefront. I’ll pull that card on Rosh Hashanah morning, and I’ve decided to repaint my beautiful mask on Yom Kippur again. “On Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed.” I think next year I’ll do a mask making ritual on Yom Kippur to share my new personal ritual tradition with others, and experience it in community. As for this year, I’m incredibly excited about Rosh Hashanah. Thanks to my amazing Kohenet teachers this summer at Elat Chayim, I’ve come home with a library of chants and songs. And especially thanks to Yofiyah, for her Kirtan style which I’ve begun using in ritual and it’s fantastic. I’ve adjusted it for the ritual use, but I’m forever...

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Yartzeit Rachel Imeinu & Veteran’s Day

Good Shabbos. May the blessings of Rachel Imeinu be with you all, and especially those who have served their country with honor. Poem copyright Carly Lesser (Chava Chai) Photograph:...

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L’Shanah Tova

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life as you have asked. May you be judged by the meritts of your past and future. May your year be one of sweetness and happiness. May you find blessings as rich and plentiful as the seeds of the pomegranate. L’shanah...

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