Av: Lamentations & Celebrations

Lamentations bring Change
Lamentations bring Change


Av is one of the most challenging months on the Jewish calendar.  Either, because you are truly mourning the destruction of the Temple — or because you just can’t relate to this.  In the past I’ve proposed a third way, one that reflects on what was lost (the Temple) and rejoices in what was found (modern Judaism via the Diaspora).  Av is the month to deal with all the bad and good that has made us who we are as a people and that is not always fun.

You can read all my past thoughts on the month of Av as a primer, if you wish or just dive into the practices below.

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Av: Where do We Find Strength to Heal?

The Month of Av begins at Sundown on July 21, 2009, and ends at sundown on August 20, 2009.   This essay is an excerpt from the Rosh Chodesh Guides.

Forteza - Strength

What happens when the worlds seems to crumble?  How are we able to carry on after total disaster?  These are questions that Jews have had to ask far to many times in our history. In some ways it has transformed the tribe into permanent victims, but it has also made us the ultimate survivors.  The month of Av is a celebration of survival, if we choose to embrace it this way.  Av asks us the question: are you a victim or a survivor?

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