Passover Menu 5771

The theme for my 5771 seder was “Oasis at the Elim.”  I had written about this concept a couple of years back, but had gone in a different direction that year.  This year, I finally decided to do a menu with the “oasis” theme.

I hope this inspires your Pesach menu planning!



Charoset Sampler

Apple & Walnut, Ashkenazi-style

Date & Fig Sephardic-style

Fig & Port Wine


Avocado Soup with Herbs, Slivered Radishes, and Pistachios

Main Course

Chicken Tagine with Apricots & Spiced Pine Nuts

Oven Roasted Asparagus with Olives & Almonds

Herbed Quinoa


Oranges with Pomegranate Molasses



Coffee, Tea, Wine, Sparkling Water

A More Magickal Pesach

Carly is Excited to have her Prophet's Cup
This is Joseph's cup that he used for divination. Look into my cup and I'll tell you the future.

There are so many amazing things you can do to add a little more magick to your Passover Seder. Needless to say, using the fabulous Peeling a Pomegranate Haggadah is an easy way to do this, but there are so many others that you can do (all of which work great with my haggadah and others, too).  Considering that so much of the Seder is about creating a sense of wonder to engage your body, mind, and spirit.  It’s intended to be experiential.   Here are a few ideas to bring a little more magick to your Pesach.

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5770 Passover Menu

Not a thrilling theme for this year, but some good food none the less.  Here’s the menu for my 5770 seder:



Homemade Gefilte Fish


Fresh Market Salad


Amy’s Famous Brisket

Cumin Flavored Meatballs with Onion Jam



Ashkenazic Charoset

Sephardic Algerian-style Charoset

Herbed Quinoa

Lemon Cucumber Salad

Apple Banana Matzah Kugel


Oranges with Pomegranate Molasses

Caramel Matzah Crunch

Passover 5769 Menu

Passover menu planning is always a fun experience for me.  I just love food and creating a menu that enhances the spiritual experience of the seder is a great exercise.  I like to try a few new things every year, but also mix in a few fan favorites.  This year I’m bringing back the charoset sampler, but the rest of the menu is new.  I hope this menu works well the with the latest version of the Peeling a Pomegranate Haggadah (shameless plug, I know).

Below you’ll find my final menu with links to either the recipe, if I found it online, or the book it can be found in.  As I have a freezer full of local beef,  I opted to serve meat this year.  Be sure to see my 5768 menu, if you are looking for a vegetarian Passover menu.  I always try to serve a few good Kosher wines, just to prove to the skeptics that they exist.  I discovered a new winery this year: Yogev. The store had a tasting, and I bought two bottles.  They are both blends. The Shiraz blend is a smoky flavor which made me think it would go well with a mushroom dish (which I’m not making) and the Merlot blend is a nice spicy wine -which is exactly the opposite of what I would have thought.  I’m not great at wine-pairing, so I hope these and whatever my guests bring will go well with the food.

5769 Passover Menu
Menu Card template (doc)

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