Adar: Lunar Revelations

Journey from Shevat (Star) to Adar (Moon) to Nisan (Emperor), illustrated by the The Transparent Tarot

The moon, the card of Adar, is the card of lunacy, which makes sense.  The traditional Waite-Smith card shows a remote landscape at the edge of civilization with a dog, a wolf and a crustacean howling at the moon.  There is a long path ahead in this card and it is not an easy one.  We’ve passed the Star (Shevat), the card of Adar which restored our sense of wellbeing and guided us to this place.  Now the moon is the brightest object in the sky.  This is a month of lunacy and heightened sensitivities. While loaded with humor, it is also fraught with dangers.  As the Story of Esther teaches us, if we reveal too much too soon, we may be in peril. The story of Esther also teaches us that if we are perceptive and reveal things in just the right moment, then we can become the Emperor (Nisan).

In this month of Adar, use humor wisely. Be perceptive to the things that are hidden from plain sight. Be aware of the things you should not be revealing just yet. Use stagecraft and good planning to ensure that you, and your community, flourish and prosper.

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Adar: Revealing Laughter

Laughter in Adar

(excerpt from Adar Rosh Chodesh Guide)

Adar begins at Sundown February 24, 2009 and ends at Sundown March 25, 2009

What is revealed with laughter? Adar is a month of joy and laughter and of mysteries revealed, which clearly relates to the holiday of Purim.  On Purim we are commanded to let our hair down and be silly, which is not the norm in Judaism. We release our inner “monkeys”, one meaning of the letter Kuf, and play and laugh.  But the story of Purim is not a silly one.  There is darkness, descent, courage, and change. It is a story of love both good and bad. So, why do we laugh?

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