Fourth Day of Chanukah

Four is a great number for Jewish women. We have four matriarchs and four corresponding phases of the moon. That’s right – four. The holiday of the dark moon, Rosh Chodesh, was given to Jewish women as a gift for their refusal to hand over their gold to create the golden calf at Mount Sinai.

The lives of the three patriarchs and four matriarchs create the story of the five books of the Torah.

Light the fourth candle and remember each of the Hebrew matriarchs.

Third Day of Chanukah

Three wishes, three Genies, three patriarchs, three angels visiting Sarah and Abraham; there are threes everywhere we look. Three is a number of movement and manifestation. Gimel is the third letter of the aleph-bet, it means camel and looks like a camel walking.

Movement, Motion, Manifestation

With the lighting of the third candle decide what you want to manifest in your life and allow the candles commit your spirit to action

Second Day of Chanukah

Two by two the animals went into the ark. Second day, second candle — where there was one — now there are two:

  • Adam and Chava
  • Abraham and Sarah
  • Cain and Able

Tonight we go two by two. Take a moment to tell your partner in life, whether it be a lover, spouse, or best friend, how much your relationship means to you.

First Day of Chanukah

Thoughts for the first day of Chanukah.

Let lighting the first candle re-ignite the friendship with someone from your past. Use the energy of the Shehekianuh and in this time and this moment — reach out. Call that person. Email that person. Write a letter. Now is the time.

Blessed be the Source of Life that guides us, protects us, and brings us safely to this time and this place.

Chanukah – The Shamash Candle

The shamash candle is a servant. That’s what the word means in Hebrew. In many old-world synagogues the shamash was commonly listed along with a rabbi or chazzan. The shamash was able to stand in for the rabbi at any service or ceremony, except legal ones, and often acted as the administrator for the temple.

It’s interesting that Shamash also refers to a sun-god in ancient Babylonia and Assyria. The reference to servant is also relevant here, as some believe that in this pantheon Shamash was the child of the moon god and therefore second in position.

Think of the shamash candle as your connection to the fire of the Divine that exists in all creation. Through this candle you light the others. Try to connect your inner spark to the shamash candle as you say the prayers and light each candle.

Learn more about Shamash: