My name is Carly Lesser, but I am also known as Ketzirah and Carlen Lea. For years, I’ve kept these parts of myself very separate.  Since one is the part that is focused on religious and spiritual work and the other is the part the explores culture, technology, and marketing – it seemed like a wise choice to keep them apart.  One is my avocation the other my vocation, and talking religion at work and work in spiritual contexts simply seemed wrong.

But I feel the time to bring them together has come.  It is the intersection of spirituality, culture and technology where I am a full and well-rounded person.  It’s also where I believe I can offer the most unique contributions.

Vin Diagram of Me

On one side of my life is Ketzirah and on the other there is Carlen Lea. In the middle, the “me” that brings together the best of both worlds, is Carly!


As the Ketzirah (קצירה) side of myself, I am a Kohenet,  Artist and Ritualist and I focus on creating joyful, meaningful, Jewish experiences that empower and encourage people to engage in Jewish life. Work with me to bring meaning to life’s milestones through ritual and art.

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As the Carlen Lea side of myself, I’m a digital-first marketing/communications professional.  I consider myself to be a connector of people, ideas and information.  Currently, I am the SVP/Director, Insights & Innovation at RTC, a full service marketing agency in Washington, DC that is part of the WPP network and aligned with Wunderman and  Y&R Group.