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Shevat and Tu B’Shevat Seders

Dec 31, 13 Shevat and Tu B’Shevat Seders

Posted by in Tu b'Shevat

Resources for all your Tu B’Shevat seder needs!

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Rosh Hashanah D’var at Olney Kehila

Text of the “D’var” that I had the pleasure of sharing at Olney Kehila for Rosh Hashanah services today. on a Jewish spiritual practice of naming your year as a way to determine how you will be written into the Book of Life. Photo Credit: Ron Almog, used by CC-A permissions

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Pesach Menu Resources

Planning a Passover seder meal is a big deal for me. It is such a huge part of the overall experience that I think it needs careful consideration.

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Adar: Food as Transformation

Feb 13, 13 Adar: Food as Transformation

Posted by in Purim, Spiritual Practices

My latest post over at PunkTorah.org explores the transformational power of food, especially during the Jewish month of Adar and the Purim tradition (mitzvah) of sending Mishloach Manot.

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Shabbat Shirah: Feed the Birds

During the month of Shevat, we have a special Shabbat — Shabbat Shirah, which the Shabbat where we read Parsha Beshalach (Ex 13:17-17:16). New article about Shabbat Shirah posted at PunkTorah.org

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Guest Voice: Patrick || Why Wear a Kippah

Patrick Aleph of PunkTorah explains why he and other Jews wear a Kippah.

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Guest Voice: Brian || Why Wearing Tzitzit and Kippah are an Honor

Guest Voice: Brian shares why to me it is a great honor to wear both tzitzit and kippah every day.

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Kislev, Re-dedication, and Tzitzit

The topic of Kippah and Tzitzit and our relationship with them is the focus for the next round of Guest Voices at peelapom.com.

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A Bracha for Voting

If you live in the United States — then vote. No excuses. Don’t take for granted a right that people all over the world kill and die for.

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Shinui Ma’aseh Commitment Ritual

Oct 11, 12 Shinui Ma’aseh Commitment Ritual

Posted by in Spiritual Practices

A new ritual I’ve created to assist in the taking on of a new, life affirming, healthy practice.

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